Ignite Yorkshire Branding Collaboration

Q20 Theatre, Shipley

February-March 2019

The Cactus Crew is a Canal Connections youth group based in Shipley, Bradford. The group took on the role of client to commission a brand design for Ignite Yorkshire. They commissioned and worked with the chosen designer, Lee Goater. They contributed to the brief calling for designers and reviewed submitted applications.

During three sessions together, Lee and the Crew decided on young people as the target audience for the branding and looked at how to engage this audience.

Lee worked with their ideas to produce the first draft of designs and logos.
The Cactus Crew reviewed this and provided comprehensive feedback, leading to the development of the final brand design now used across the project.

The official brand launch took place in June 2019 with a special event at the National Coal Mining Museum.


  • Writing a brief
  • Consulting
  • Reviewing work
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Design