Ignite Digital Badges have launched

Digital badges are the future of recognizing skills and can help you to explain your strengths, share your achievements and stand out from the crowd.

Think of them as a digital reference, which can be used in job applications, Linked In profiles, email signatures and much more. Anyone who looks at your Badge can see the organisation you worked with, what you did and the skills you learned or developed along the way.

Why Now?

Digital Badges are a new way of acknowledging achievement for Ignite Yorkshire. Over the last two years we’ve been busy figuring out the best way to make the most of this exciting new platform. Now we’re ready to launch, and are rolling out our Badges to participants in all our projects.

Digital Badges never go out of date. They are a fantastic, free and easy way to show employers, organisations and colleagues how you have gained a range a skills, fully endorsed by Ignite Yorkshire.

Ignite Yorkshire Digital Badges

Our badges are part of Badge Nation – a community of organisations committed to recognising what people achieve and accomplish outside of formal qualifications, motivating learning and ambition through digital badges.

So far Ignite has two badges that have been issued to young people:

Young Leader

Earners of this badge have acted as leaders on an Ignite Yorkshire project. The earner has been an inspiration to other young people, and used their skills to make a positive contribution to their local heritage and community. They have shown dedication, passion and commitment, and used their skills in activism, collaboration and decision-making to lead the way in interpreting heritage for everyone.


Ignite would be nothing without creative young people. Earners of this badge have interpreted heritage in thoughtful and imaginative ways to create something special, everything from festivals, artwork, and audio walks, to exhibitions, creative writing and stained glass windows.

Further Reading…

If you would like to find out more about the work that Badge Nation is doing, feel free to check out their website and YouTube channel.

Watch this space for a Guide to Digital Badges for museums and heritage sites, coming soon to our Resources page.