Bright Sparks

Below are photos of a Heritage Skills Day with Heritage Craft Alliance at Carlton Lodge Activity Centre.

Young people took part in activities throughout the day, including making progress on building a timber-framed house, axe-throwing and zip wire.

Below are a variety of the projects and objects that the Bright Sparks and North Yorkshire Youth have been working on throughout the projects!

Traditional Bodger's Lodge completed by North Yorkshire Youth - using traditional materials and techniques

Stained Glass panels made by Bright Sparks

Dry Stone walling project completed by North Yorkshire Youth

"This is part of bringing heritage to young people. It's good because it is fun and enjoyable for young people to take part in and see that heritage isn’t just all about going to museums and looking around them, as many young people think it is. It is also about seeing how things used to be made and what used to happen in the past."

Shannagh Strudwick (Bright Spark Member)

Amplify interview with Sally Clifford

Sally from Ignite Yorkshire’s Bright Sparks youth group, shares with us the importance of young people contributing to the permanence of a space, like the construction of a Bodger’s lodge at the Carlton Lodge Activity Centre in Thirsk.

Sally also shares her experience of working in a large rural area, and the importance of making youth projects and travel to these places accessible for young people!

"In 20 years time the Bright Sparks can come back and say 'I made that, that's mine' and that's something that very few youth projects can say!"

Sally Clifford

To read more about the Bodger’s Lodge and hear from the Bright Sparks themselves…check out this interview with the young people involved! And to follow along with what they are up to, you can also check our their Instagram!